February 26, 2009


We're lazy and a little hung over. A bad combination when we were trying to make the economy better in about 500 words. Since that's not gonna happen, here's some more links. (BTW, we love the term "after the jump." We just do. It's the complete opposite of ending every e-mail with "Cheers." That, we fuckin' hate.)

Greg says You're Welcome. 

You know what time it is... in Japan!

Celebrity lookalikes. Seriously,who are these assholes kidding?

This guy's sketchbook is really fascinating.

Very scary, extremely interesting. Seth also writes a great prison B-Ball blog.

Go ahead type in your city and pick "little boy."

Sure it's filthy, but it's art.

Y'ever fall asleep watching a DVD and wake up here?

Technology, Entertainment, Design - Talks. Screw college, this is free.

One day all websites will be like this. We can't wait.

Random trivia about things and, like, umm, stuff. We can't stop.

Youtube-type site for text documents. Sigh... we just exhaled.

And finally for those of you without photoshop or gimp, you can still befunky. Plus, there's a WARHOLIZER. Sounds dirty, as in "I'm gonna put my weaponized-johnson in her warhole." 'nuff said.

Cheers bitches! - Nyce, Tara, Sully and his sister Sullie

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