November 25, 2009


Sweetie, you've been Knighted.

November 10, 2009

SPAM, THE NOVEL (Chapter 3)

(Another piece of the puzzle from Nyce's inbox is revealed. Not.)

The daughter of the great whore of whores.

Nov. 11, 1:39 a.m.

How are you, Rafael!

He hated Gall. That is all I want now. Zane hefted the scythe. He galloped down a side alley. This is our first big attack. This would be nothing. Every woman should learn a trade. Women should attend less to household duties.
The blanket was lifted from me. That is what I told her. But what if we should have it? Then we will blow it together. It was man. Now and forever now. Her father shook his head sadly. STILL AMONG SHOALS. It didn't seem to. In my right the fascist papers.
If that woman could only write. Daughter of the great whore of whores. The best you've ever served under. Smith and Mr. The rest of the creature ran on. They'll be glad to share their rooms. The bridge is nothing to me. Tonight we discuss all. He had not taken any before. In a moment he had it figured. Here it comes.
Am I not right? Would he sit down? He continued forward. We've had enough of this. Joy lit up his eyes. Where was there safe passage? What signs are there of a hound? We are through the crust. Pilar did not turn. This sounded very good. Pointing at nothing.

SPAM, THE NOVEL (Chapter 2)

(Marcus' junk mail saga continues. The plot thickens.)

The Taking of Segovia

Nov. 10, 2009 12:38 p.m.

Good afternoon, Josefa!

WOMEN OF THE FUTURE. IN STRANGE WATERS. How much is it that you need? You go home again. There won't be any calling off.
He is becoming too sad to bear. The book had not been a success. But let it stand at that. Smith or Mr. You can resign the office. Have your hands on your hips. It was a late spring morning. Paradox protects me! Nor at any time?
Look at them! We are all right. It won't bear analysis. Bowen of St. Why had she done that? Have you got this Indian? Probably more pennies.
What power on earth could save him! Not having to be cautious here now. Then they vanished from our sight. The air was more viscous than ever. The tangle tree was a charred stump. The mirror denied it. We can take Segovia. That is just what happens. But a second glance dispelled the hope. Suddenly he heard a rumbling voice. Bmk found it.

SPAM, THE NOVEL (Chapter 1)

(Marcus has recently been receiving crazy junk mail, that he will turn into a running story. Enjoy.)

A Duaghter's Silence

NOV. 10, 2009 11:43 a.m.

How are you, Gabriel!

Everybody is coming. And then again Mrs. He had need of her. Try another pinch. But I hate it. Pearson is the senior.
Harold will help. Zane squeezed his eyes shut. But let it stand at that. Sure you would. We are in a hurry. Why is my daughter silent? It is no good whatever. He looked up at Pilar. He had not yet released my wrist.
Worse and worse! No sound was heard. I've never seen it turn so fast! One is on guard below. EXTRACT FROM THE DIARY OF DR. They've known about all the others. Pablo is very wily. How much have you brought me? Chester's rear hooves stepped off the ledge. There was the odor of burning paper.
Who knows what we may yet see? But not to interfere with my work. Did it not strike you? It was reading his living soul! This was some watch! And why -- why? Out you march! What's the matter with me?

November 2, 2009


"This would have been hot in 19-ninety-never." Well said Irv.

His name is BANGS... deal with it, bitches.