November 10, 2009

SPAM, THE NOVEL (Chapter 1)

(Marcus has recently been receiving crazy junk mail, that he will turn into a running story. Enjoy.)

A Duaghter's Silence

NOV. 10, 2009 11:43 a.m.

How are you, Gabriel!

Everybody is coming. And then again Mrs. He had need of her. Try another pinch. But I hate it. Pearson is the senior.
Harold will help. Zane squeezed his eyes shut. But let it stand at that. Sure you would. We are in a hurry. Why is my daughter silent? It is no good whatever. He looked up at Pilar. He had not yet released my wrist.
Worse and worse! No sound was heard. I've never seen it turn so fast! One is on guard below. EXTRACT FROM THE DIARY OF DR. They've known about all the others. Pablo is very wily. How much have you brought me? Chester's rear hooves stepped off the ledge. There was the odor of burning paper.
Who knows what we may yet see? But not to interfere with my work. Did it not strike you? It was reading his living soul! This was some watch! And why -- why? Out you march! What's the matter with me?