May 4, 2009


It sounds like something that's going to be in the G.I. Joe summer blockbuster, but it's actually a search engine... but better... sorta... we think? We're not sure or sold yet, but the smarty pants at ReadWriteWeb are... sorta:

"The hype around Wolfram|Alpha, the next "Google killer" from the makers of Mathematica, has been building over the last few weeks. Today, we were lucky enough to attend a one-hour web demo with Stephen Wolfram, and from what we've seen, it definitely looks like it can live up to the hype - though, because it is so different from traditional search engines, it will definitely not be a "Google killer." According to Stephen Wolfram, the goal of Alpha is to give everyone access to expert knowledge and the data that a specialist would be able to compute from this information."

We already have a vast amount of "expert knowledge" trolling the webosphere for porn, so we're not sure how useful this Viking-God sounding search engine is gonna be, but anyway. You can read the rest of the pre-review here on ReadWriteWeb after the jump.

It's not a new invention, but Wolfy is makinitbetter. That's all we ask... sorta.

RANDOMLY BETTER 2.0 VERSION- 2Wolf 2Ram: Tokyo Drift. Just sayin'. Think on it Wolfy. You're welcome.
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