May 2, 2009


Sir Irv has compiled some of the greatest comebacks in The Boogie Knights’ on going e-tard feud between Nyce and Sully’s Sister Sullie. Irv’s edited out all the blah-blah-blah and focused on the Check, and then, the Mate.
(BTW - Itchy & Scratchie are busting each other’s chops over fantasy football.)

Sully’s-Sis-Sullie: “… you’re an old minivan and I’m a cute little VW.”
Nyce: “Punch-buggy-stoopid”

Nyce: “… i get to pee standing up. HA!”
Sully’s-Sis-Sullie: “it’s one thing to have a vajeen, it’s another to be a vajeen”

Sully’s-Sis-Sullie & Nyce [‘almost simultaneously’ on repeated / retarded occasions]: “Favre-U!”

Sully’s-Sis-Sullie: “… gotta go JERK, gotta date.”
Nyce: “the navy in town?”

Nyce: “… admit it! im right!”
Sully’s-Sis-Sullie: “easy. nobody wants to see yur lipstick size, child boner”

Check out It's like YouTube's more original, better quality, less retarded cousin. Here's what we're talking about: (Umm, FAME much? This is pretty awesome. I wonder which one is supposed to be CoCo in this re-boot? - NYCE)

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

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