February 8, 2010


Think you know Young Breesy? Have you accepted Breesus as your QB and Savior? Is Brees 32:39:288:2 written on the eye black tape under your eyes? Even so, you might not know these interesting facts about Nine.

1. He doesn't celebrate touchdowns, they celebrate him.
2. If you say his name out loud three times in a row, a football hits you right in the chest.
3. He's actually left handed, he throws with his right to make it sporting.
4. He doesn't call audibles, he thinks them.
5. Took an underachieving, awkward & scrawny Bill Brasky under his wing in college.
6. Can solve any Sudoku using only wingdings and a single pound sign.
7. His year old son has already signed a letter of intent with Professor Xavier's Academy. (Lane Kiffin was disappointed, but begrudgingly approved.)
8. Crushes his enemies, sees them driven before him and hears the lamentation of their cheerleaders.
9. Will make you forget Oreos in favor of Drew Brees cookies. [citation needed]